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Who we are

LAIK Sports is a bespoke management agency elevating the game of our elite golfers through performance-driven support and a tailored structure to maximise development.

Combining our extensive knowledge with modern management tools, our innovative approach utilises valuable performance data to coordinate a team-focused strategy for player progression. We take time to understand performance intricacies and identify opportunities for improvement, helping our golfers optimise their game and climb the professional ranks.

Our model supports stronger commercial partnerships, an authentic personal brand and ensures we leave nothing on the table.

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Northern English dialect

Laik (verb)
'To play'

Our Services

Data & Team


Analyse and assess key performance areas with the support team, using data and analytics to underpin improvement.

Schedule & Guidance


Build playing opportunities and a clear long-term vision, creating the optimal route to success.



Secure, negotiate and manage long-term commercial sponsorships.

Creative PR & Media


Create forward-thinking media and PR opportunities to amplify player brand.

The Laik Roster

Todd Clements

Age: 27
Country: England
Tour: DP World Tour

Rasmus Neergaard-Petersen

Age: 24
Country: Denmark
Tour: Challenge Tour & DP World Tour

Richard Mansell

Age: 28
Country: England
Tours: DP World Tour

Brands we work with

"Ted was with me for my climb up the professional golf ranks. He has always been a loyal, discrete, and trustworthy manager, and it was great having him work alongside me during my win at the US Open."

- Matt Fitzpatrick, 2022 US Open Champion

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